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Who are we?

Carmen O'Dwyer

Carmen O'Dwyer

Carmen O'Dwyer graduated as a qualified healer at the Snowlion Center School in 2009. Her Amsterdam-based healing practice was founded in 2007.
Previously, she worked in finance, mainly in banking. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering, a degree in Finance, and an MBA. Before settling in Amsterdam, she lived in the USA and her native Colombia. 
She is married to a Brit, Barry O'Dwyer. She supports him with the publication of his newsletter, The Intuitive Investor, where she provides editorial and number skills. She regularly publishes articles on intuition, investing and money.

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During the first year of this initiative, Jayne Jubb, a healer based also in Amsterdam, joined in and helped organise and give structure to the Self-Healing Circles. The support and help Jayne provided during the first year will always be very much appreciated.