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Activate inner intelligence for well-being

Start your journey to well-being
with a Self-Healing Experience

Through the experience of our Self-Healing Circle, you will reconnect and activate the inner intelligence of your body, mind and spirit. You will bring well-being to your life in a new, effective way.


The Self-Healing Circles Explained!

The Self-Healing Circle sessions are intended as a space for quiet inner reflection, and connection to the inner intelligence that we are all part of. It is a space for reconnecting to your etheric body, which holds the energy source of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience which we call life.

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Don't worry about the word "etheric." It is not as strange as it sounds at first. Everything in life, including our physical existence, is composed of atoms, which in turn are energy. Etheric is that energy component of our physical existence which underlies our bodies, mind and spirit. This energy component is imbued with consciousness. Thus, the etheric body is the vessel of energy-consciousness of your being in body, mind and spirit.

You can use the session to support you in any area of your life:

- To support you in the healing of a physical ailment,

- To prepare you for surgery or any other medical treatment,

- To give you insights to navigate a difficult emotional period,

- To reinforce an intention to change your lifestyle,

- To strengthen your relationships,

- To help you in making a connection to the divine, or

- To recharge you with positive energy.

You can use the intention of the Self-Healing circle for anything you need at this moment.

You can compare these sessions to a meditation session. The session starts with a short teaching. Each session will address a topic on how energy-consciousness is manifested in our lives. Thereafter, we start a guided meditation. You will learn a visualisation technique, which will show you how to activate your own inner resources for well-being. You will learn to tap consciously into your etheric template.

The way the circle works is through intention and energy imprint. Before the session commences, I will set up a constellation of energy, which will support what the participants set as intention for themselves. A constellation of energy is nothing more than a field of energy - very subtle energy - , the resonance of which activates the etheric body of all those present. It is this resonating property of energy which activates the intention of well-being to the participants. This imprint will reinforce your own individual intention which motivated you to come to the session in the first place - whether you come for healing of physical ailments, emotional issues, or spiritual questions.

During or after the session, you will notice the solutions to your particular intention. Something will change in you which will allow you to manifest the WELL-BEING you felt missing in your life.

Read on to learn more about the principles of the Self-Healing circles.

You can attend in person in Amsterdam, or you can join us from a distance: handy for those of you who live too far away, are unable to attend, and yet want to reap the benefits.

How does it work?

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The body has an energy-based template, known as the etheric body. Every single physical aspect of our body has a corresponding template. This template guides the inner intelligence of the body when regenerating and creating cells, tissues and organs so as to maintain its well-being and balance.

The etheric body is not limited to the physical body. Our emotional/psychological make-up and our spiritual constitution also possess such a template. These templates guide what we perceive in life; they contain the belief systems that come to expression in our daily experience.

Because the etheric bodies are energy systems in motion and in expression, we can use energy (in the form of an energy constellation) to help it re-establish its balance and well-being – in other words to find its coherence. Energy follows the principle of RESONANCE and it is through this property that the energy constellation activates the etheric template of those present.

The Self-Healing Circle is a space where you can learn to connect to your own energy system, and actively guide it to re-establishing its balance and well-being.

What is the principle of RESONANCE?

A simple definition provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online is: a sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration produced in another.

As an example of resonance, we can think of a tuning fork. If you tap a tuning fork on something hard, the string of an instrument that shares the same musical note will start vibrating as well. This video on YouTube shows 10 examples of tuning fork resonance. These examples show how energy/vibration is transferred from one object to another. In a similar manner our energy body is affected by vibrations from outside, including those from an energy constellation.

Who can attend?

Anybody can attend!

You don’t need to be ill or in emotional distress to come to one of our sessions.

The Self-Healing Circle can also support you to maintain your current well-being. It could be that you simply need to recharge and replenish, or want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, to experience a sense of inner peace and quiet.

Connecting to our inner intelligence is important to maintain and/or to restore well-being. It should be something natural to the routine of our daily lives, but all too often we forget this, or think we do not have time to do this regularly.

These Self-Healing Circles sessions are designed to help you remember how to do this.

What actually happens in a session?

The session starts with a short, 15 minute long, teaching on energy consciousness. Each session will address a different aspect of energy, attention, focus, integration body-mind, WELL-BEING, etc.

Thereafter, you will be guided through a visualisation to help you connect to your own energy body, as well as supporting your own healing process and your own well-being.

People experience the Self-Healing Circles in a myriad of ways: you might experience an energy flow, see colours, hear sounds, feel tingling, changing of temperature, emotions/feelings, and feel the presence of guides or angels. Just go with whatever the experience is and trust that it is what it is. Make it okay - don't try to rationalise it or find a logical explanation.

Where can I read over what you do beforehand?

On the home page, under WELL-BEING and under PRINCIPLES, you can read more about how our energy bodies work. In those sections, you can also read about a different way of looking at life, and how our experiences are motivators for our spiritual growth.

There is a real benefit for you in reading these sections beforehand. A Self-Healing Circle is more powerful and grounded when the participants have some understanding as to what is going on.

The focus and attention you put into reading and understanding the material will help ground your intention of self-healing, and to align yourself to the energy constellation created for this purpose.

It helps if you come prepared on what you would like to set as an intention for coming to the Self-Healing Circle.

What else do I need?

For the day itself, all you need is an open mind and a willingness to follow the simple visualisation instructions.

We have meditation cushions, chairs, and blankets at the centre. We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothes so that you are not distracted while seating quietly.

One important request is that during the session you do keep as quiet as possible.

The Self-Healing Circles are a space of stillness and quiet reflection.

How do results manifest?

You can experience a sense of well-being, and a deep sense relaxation that will empower you in your healing process.

During or after the session, you may receive inner guidance as to what is needed. Your openness to this process will bring to you the information needed for the next steps in your journey.

The information can come to you in unexpected ways. You will read an article in a magazine, or a friend recommends to you a book. It can also be that you notice you crave particular foods or activities. The guidance can come also as a clear awareness that you cannot delay anymore making the appointment with a nutritionist, personal trainer, or doctor to get you on your way.

Those who came to prepare for a medical treatment reported to us that they felt more confident with their choices and that the healing after the procedure was smoother and less painful. They used this technique during their recovery and they felt empowered. Others have told us they gained clarity as to the medical decision to be made.

How do I attend at distance?

If you live too far away, or cannot come to Amsterdam on the day of a Self-Healing Circle, you can still take part in a session.

All you need to do is find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed during the session, and sit down comfortably. At the agreed time (Amsterdam CET) you simply connect to our circle in Amsterdam; the connection will be via a provider of video calls over internet such as SkypeTM or WebEx.

The details of how to connect will be sent to you when you register. Please adjust to your own time zone as necessary.

I do need to provide a note of caution here. While the session is taking place, I cannot provide technical support. I am dependent on the technology and sometimes the connection can fail or be interrupted. However, I have been blessed so far, in that every single time the technology has worked without glitches.

To allow you to reap all the benefits, I do send you a document with the steps of the session. If the connection gets interrupted during the session, just continue on your own and complete the steps. You will still get the benefits of the constellation.

If you have doubts or questions with any of the steps you missed, just write to me an email. We can make an appointment on Skype to discuss them briefly.


Fill the form in on the Registration page and choose the session(s) you’d like to attend.